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Coffee Shops in Brooklyn


It’s iced coffee season, and what better way to enjoy it than sitting out in the sun with a good book? For those of you who work from home or just need to get out of the house for a change in scenery, pop into one of these coffee shops in Brooklyn for your next caffeine fix.

Hotel BPM
139 33rd St, Sunset Park
For breakfast we serve daily fresh grounded Brooklyn Grind coffee for those that enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Southside Coffee
652 6th Ave, Park Slope
This sun filled, cozy coffee shop in Park Slope will be sure to deliver great coffee and an even better atmosphere.
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Café Regular du Nord
158 Berkeley Pl, Park Slope
A small but cozy coffee shop with great coffee and relaxed atmosphere.
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186 5th Ave, Park Slope
Take a seat on the outdoor bench and enjoy not only great coffee but a wide selection of gluten free pastries/treats.
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Sit & Wonder
688 Washington Ave, Crown Heights
With a private outdoor seating area in the back, you’ll definitely get some fresh air and a lot of work done.
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1014 Fulton St, Clinton Hill
Not only do they serve excellent coffee, but they have a full bar and food menu to help you get through your midday slump.
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69 Grand St, Williamsburg
If you’re not going for the coffee, then at least visit Devoción for it’s beautiful and spacious interior.
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232 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
If you’re looking to try something new, stop by this Australian coffee shop for a jaffle or Australian iced coffee.
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